Leanna's Breast Cancer Survivor Story

On November 4, 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I was only 32, with two children who had just turned 4 and 1. What did this mean?

Time and time again my faith in Jesus Christ brought me to realize that this is simply a stepping stone in my life that will make me stronger.

A friend took me to Cancer Services to discuss the need for a wig. They walked me through the process of losing my hair and provided me with a wig.

After one year of treatments, surgeries and tests, HERE I AM!

Of course through those times I solely relied on my support team: my loving husband who took care of my every need, two children who I stayed positive for every day, doctors, my wonderful parents, family, friends, church members and co-workers.

All of these are angels on earth that God placed in my path at this specific time. I am forever grateful for the experience.