I have always enjoyed a wonderful life, filled with many blessings. I’ve been active in the community and the business world for more than 43 years. But, I never envisioned my life would include two separate bouts of stage 3 lung cancer!

Luckily, with the good Lord’s blessings and many prayers from friends and family, I am winning the battles and the war!

My battle with lung cancer began in July 2017.

I was diagnosed with cancer in my left lung, left bronchial tree and lymph nodes. I was treated with aggressive radiation and chemo for 6 months.

In January 2018 my PET scan indicated no cancer. Another checkup 6 months later showed that the lung cancer had returned in my left lung in a different location. At that time, we made plans to surgically remove my left lung, bronchial tree and lymph nodes entirely.

Thankfully after surgery in October 2018, the pathology report showed no signs of cancer.

Staying Positive

John Lowery Battling Lung Cancer

I always maintained a positive attitude and repeated to myself to “never, never, never give up.”

I remain grateful to my loving wife, family, and our dear friends who surround me with love and prayers. They keep me focused on getting better and beating the battles with cancer!

Volunteering with Cancer Services

During my treatment, I became more aware of the work being done locally by Cancer Services of Gaston County. I joined the many dedicated volunteers helping to make life better for people with cancer who feel like their world has collapsed.

Cancer Services’ Mission is to serve the community. They actively promote healthy lifestyles and provide support and services to individuals and families living with cancer. The services are free of charge.

In addition to positive encouragement, support, and assistance with transportation, medication, and nutrition, Cancer Services provides prevention/early detection education for the community.

I am grateful to Cancer Services of Gaston County for their work and efforts to help so many people in Gaston County. Their efforts allow people who are dealing with cancer to enjoy life with renewed hope and determination!