It’s the time for gift-giving and holiday cheer. Generous people throughout the year donate their time and resources to countless charities and nonprofits around the country, and Gaston County is no different. Gaston County nonprofits survive in part, by the donations and volunteering of our great community.

At Cancer Services of Gaston County, we’re grateful and excited whenever our community members step up to help us propel our mission forward toward helping clients and families battling cancer. Gaston County donations help every year in achieving our goals.

Here are four reasons to donate to Cancer Services of Gaston County, a nonprofit dedicated to helping our community fight cancer.

1 – You’re helping your community at large

Gaston County charities survive on donations from the community. Enriching our community through helping Cancer Services is not only easy as donating as little as $10 or $20, but it will bring you a sense of pride in your community.

2 – Cancer patients need our help

Through Cancer Services of Gaston County, cancer patients receive support and guidance with medication assistance, transportation, and more. When you make a donation to Cancer Services of Gaston County, you’re helping patients and their families directly, as 100% of donations help local residents living with cancer.

3 – You can make tax deductions for donations

It doesn’t have to be completely selfless to make a Cancer Services of Gaston County year-end donation. Hold on to a receipt of your charitable contributions and report it on your 2019 taxes. Charitable tax deduction allows you to reduce your taxable income when reporting your finances to the IRS, meaning you could get a bigger return (to then donate back to charity)!

4 – You set a good example

Donating to Cancer Services is a great way to teach your family, kids, and everyone around you about the importance of giving back. Your example makes a huge impact on the community and helps people realize where their extra cash would work best. Giving back to a Gaston County charity or nonprofits helps make our community stronger and bring us together.

Are you ready to make a donation? Cancer Services of Gaston County accepts any amount of donations, 100% stays local to help individuals and families living with cancer. Through donations and our nonprofit, we provide liquid nutrition, medication assistance, medical equipment, transportation assistance, wigs, bras, and prosthetics for cancer patients in the Gaston County area. And all our services are free of charge.

Donate here today.