Today we want to shout out to the folks supporting Cancer Services of Gaston County. These folks organized their own fundraisers to help us continue our mission to help individuals and families living with cancer.

Walk for Wellness

The 2022 Walk for Wellness and Health Fair in Memory of Henry A. Justice raised over $11,400! Thank you to Dr. Allison Evanoff and Myers Memorial United Methodist Church.

Dig Pink Fundraiser

Next is the South Point High School Girls’ Volleyball Dig Pink Fundraiser. Thank you to Coach Bridgette Atkinson and the South Point Girls’ Volleyball team for raising $4,000 from their Dig Pink Fundraiser, on October 13th, for Cancer Services!

1st Annual Beast Bash

Emily Elmore and the team at The Optimum Result Fitness held a fundraiser for Cancer Services this past Saturday, October 22, The 1st Annual Beast Bash. The event raised $1,360 and donated 52 bottles of Gatorade and 45 cans of soup.

Want to Help?

If you’d like to organize a fundraiser for dollars, food, or supplies, please contact Executive Director Kim Elmore here.